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IceBug Rover W BUGrip® GTX

A versatile shoe for a wide variety of activities, from speed hiking to light trail running.
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BOA® Fit System
Dial in your perfect fit with increased connectivity, comfort and control, the BOA® Fit System helps you perform at your peak from mile one to wherever the road or trail takes you. The BOA® Fit System allows you to make instant micro-adjustments for effortless precision that better connects you to your gear — getting you further, faster. Lightweight, waterproof, and ultra-durable, the BOA® Fit System is engineered to perform in the roughest conditions — anytime, anywhere.
BUGrip® is the name of Icebug’s grip technology for the most slippery conditions. A BUGrip sole is made of a special rubber compound and has 13-19 integrated steel studs. The design of the studs, together with the properties of the rubber compound, give these studs a dynamic function. The studs work independently from each other and are not completely fixed. When weight is applied the studs push in toward the surface of the sole. How far they are pushed in depends on the pressure exerted by the user and the resistance from the ground. This dynamic function makes the studs adapt to the surface and provide the best possible traction on anything from dry asphalt to pure ice.

BUGrip® Technology Performance Information
The purpose of the BUGrip® technology is to provide traction on slippery surfaces. The manufacturing of outsoles with this technology is a complex process. Since the most important component is rubber – a natural material which performance is not possible to entirely control – there might be cases of premature loss of studs from the outsole. Therefore, outsoles with BUGrip® technology are designed and manufactured with a surplus of studs. The function of the technology is maintained even if losing 3-4 studs on one outsole. After usage in wet conditions, the head or sides of the studs might get a surface layer of rust. However, the relevant part of the stud for providing traction is the carbide tip, and this will not be affected.
Warning: No guarantee against slipping. Products with the BUGrip® technology are not recommended for indoor use or on sensitive surfaces.
Products with this symbol are 100% waterproof and are engineered with GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Footwear technology that carries the "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY" promise. Water stays on the outside while perspiration can easily escape from the inside.
RB9X™ – Rubber 9 Extreme is our latest rubber compound development, and it sets a new standard in providing friction. Lab tests (SATRA) show that RB9X™ outgrips the competition, but still matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe. In the real world, that means much more reliable traction in wet and slippery conditions and on challenging surfaces like rocks.– RB9X™ is definitely a benefit for extremely demanding runners with high expectations on the shoes traction in mixed and tough terrain. RB9X™ is a new compound and tests show that we really have succeeded. There’s nothing like this on the market, says Erik Öhlund, member of the Product development team at Icebug and an elite orienteerer.Here you can see the test results from an independent lab, comparing Icebugs RB9X™ on both wet and dry surface, with other known brands.